Regarding Holiday Voices Guest

Holiday Guest Testimonial

I had been hoping to find a group of women to sing Christmas songs with for the holiday season, and hit the jackpot! The Chord Spinners are a warm and welcoming group of singers, who sing a Capella barbershop style music in four part harmony. The exact style of singing I had always dreamed of learning!

Correspondence with director Mikayla was immediately full of joy and enthusiasm, and she made space for my tight schedule with small children at home. It worked out perfectly for me to come when I could, and I was given sheet music and access to the online practice tracks to work on the songs on my own at home. My children quickly began to sing along with me while I practiced!

The first in-person meet for us “Holiday Guest” voices was comfortable and fun. We had a group get-to-know your name game, and began practicing with warm ups and singing along with sheet music. It was all very encouraging and positive!

Over the course of eight weeks I did practice a lot at home. Between that and our sessions in person, we were able to memorize and perform eight songs from heart! Yay! It feels so good to sing along side other women who simply enjoy singing. It makes the holidays so special, to me, to sing in community with others. It warmed my heart, and truly answered my longing to sing!

I would love to see more women come out and experience the joy of singing together. It really is important to make time for things that fill your cup, and get out of the grind of daily to-do's. If you find something that brings you joy, even if it isn't “productive”, you've GOT to do it!

Thank you Chord Spinners for making us feel like part of the team. With so much encouragement and praise it really was a special experience. I appreciate all of the hard work and organizing you put into it, Mikayla. You do a lot, to create this space for women to come have fun! Thank you!!

Ara Luckhart

<3 <3 <3 <3
- Ara