In November of 1981, 11 ladies met at Jo Rider's house, and the following spring Chord Spinners was officially registered with Harmony Inc. with Jo as our first director!

Over the years we have attended multiple conventions both area, and international. We took home a 4th place win at internationals in 1988, as well as the award for most improved chorus! 

Although qualifying for internationals is always a goal for us, Chord Spinners will ALWAYS put on a show at Moonglow, the after convention party at out area convention weekend. Time Warp play, Reba McEntire line dance, even a full villains skit! Our passion for entertainment has never faded in the 40+ years of being a registered chorus. 

We also love sharing the stage with many talented musicians, including multiple tribute artists shows, and multiple shows with bluegrass band Rescue Junction. Our love of music spans further than just Barbershop! But we will always make sure to show up to as many fellow Barbershop chorus events as we can! We love performing alongside our Harmony inc family!

Chord Spinners have truly taken our love of music on the road, performing all over the place from Orlando, Verona, Hershey, Louisville, St.John's, and our personal favourite, the produce section of the brand new Sobey's in Kitchener!

 Chord Spinners pride ourselves in our involvement with charities, helping out wherever we can. We are most proud of the "Goin' To The Dogs" fundraiser we ran, in which we raised $25,000 for a service dog of adopted twin girls who were autistic. With these funds, lifetime care and expenses for the dog were covered! 

We also love hosting fundraisers to help our members with music costs, convention costs, etc; and have hosted spaghetti dinners, value village fundrives, little ceaser's kits, aroma critters, and more! We strive to make chorus accessible for everyone by helping with costs where we can!